Kristen Asheley

I am 22 years old and my passions lay in the fields of mental health and medicine in general. I have a background in social work and am now continuing my education and soon attaining a career as a recreational therapist. After my 2 years of college education I hope to find a job working on an inpatient mental health unit. Personally, I struggle with anxiety and borderline personality disorder which I treat with medications and dialectical behavior therapy. But, the biggest barrier in my life is that I have Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, a disease which comes with many limitations. My inspiration to become a recreational therapist and to work in mental health comes from the recreational therapist I was a patient of during my time admitted to a mental health unit.

I remember doing crafts, playing games and most enjoyably gardening while under her care which were amazing to help pass the time, but also introduced me to a few of my life-long passions vegetable gardening and making coil bracelets. But as well as having fun with my rec therapist I also took in many groups and courses that have helped me long after I was discharged. She taught me DBT and CBT skills, sleep hygiene, addiction management and I partook in groups such as spirituality discussions, smoking cessation, as well fitness classes and free time in the unit’s gym. All these things made time go by so much quicker than just sitting in a hospital bed but even more importantly introduced me to coping skills and passions that still help me today in being productive and stable. I aim to share some of these skills with you and hope they will be as helpful to you as they are to me.

At Phytogenic™ I will be taking care of the mental health part of our mission, helping clients using my education and experience to achieve a state of positive mental health. Having hit bottom many times myself, I am a sympathetic, caring partner and will be there for my clients every step of the way, always being one message away.

Bhakti <3 xx