Dee Marie

Hey! I know you’re here because you want to know a little bit about the woman who’s created the business and community in which you’ll be entrusting all that is you in and I wont waste your time in getting down to telling you a little bit about me, Dee! I am a 26-year-old mother whose passions lie in fitness and nutrition along with maintaining healthy relations with the mind body connection. I have spent the last few years becoming formally educated in Personal Support Work, Occupational & Physical Therapy, Nutrition as well as Business and soon Health Wellness & Fitness. My whole life I have struggled with my weight and mental health. I hit 220lbs when I was only 14 years old. Because of this I had been tormented for more years than not. I remember the first foul comment I was only 10years old, in a new school and in a class of 30 boys and only 9 other females. Things weren’t looking up any time soon and puberty was no where in sight.

Next high school. I was already 3 semesters in, 2 semesters with full blown bulimia (and still not losing weight) and totally mentally unstable. I moved out from my family home and left for the west coast because, well that’s a totally different story. Lets fast forward to 2 years after my son was born. I had been in an awful relationship and my physical and mental health were at an all time low. I decided it was time for a real change. While living in London ON in 2013 I found Ashy Bines. I don’t know exactly what it is about that raw, passionate, beautiful woman but she was and still is a true inspiration to me. I can happily say it is because of her that I took charge of my life, my body, my mental health and most importantly my entire outlook on how all these things go hand in hand. I broke free of the things that I was allowing to hold me back and I took back my life. I chose my hard.

This simply means, life is hard, but we choose the hard we deal with. Waking up early is hard but so is not seeing the changes you want to see. Id personally rather be tired and have seen growth than get that extra hour of sleep everyday and be where I was almost 6 years ago. Needless to say, I was truly inspired by Ashy and everything she has accomplished so I set forth a plan to get what I wanted out of life and to renew my love of truly amazing food, fantastic fitness and to regain connection with my inner self. Through the steps I took in physical fitness, a revamp of the entire food intake for my day to day life and the guidelines I've now set forth for others regarding mental health and how it pertains to your overall balance and wellbeing while achieving your goals I hope I can inspire you as well.

Bhakti <3 xx